Cloud services start-up Solesto creating jobs in Alberta

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CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Solesto Solutions, a technology strategy and implementation start-up focused on cloud and digital transformation, launches in Calgary.

Information Technology – Shifting Alberta’s economic reliance on Oil and Gas

Albertans have recognized the need to transform their economic base. Shifting Alberta’s dependence on the energy industry to alternatives like technology solutions, is an aspiration required to help maintain the stability of Alberta’s future economy. Recently, Mayor Nenshi demonstrated this commitment by influencing a Silicon Valley technology company to choose Alberta for its base of operations.

Solesto – Creating global customer value, and opportunities for Alberta talent

Solesto’s partners: Marc Joly, Sidd Kadam and Guillermo Salazar, chose to base the company in Alberta, looking to play a role in the province’s transformation while introducing new approaches to delivering software consulting services. Solesto will provide customer offerings focused on strategy and implementation for disruptive enterprise cloud software. Cloud based platforms offer the ability to provide solutions to companies globally, while maintaining operations locally. Marc Joly discusses how “Albertans are our strongest asset, and there is top tier technical and strategic talent that we should leverage within our province”. With an extensive background in traditional approaches to service delivery, Solesto’s founders recognized an opportunity to challenge the conventional methods and leverage strong talent to accelerate value for customers.

The digital transformation to the cloud

“Exponential growth of cloud platform products has caused these types of opportunities to shoot to…well…the clouds” says Guillermo Salazar. “Global demand has increased for these types of technologies, and many companies are choosing cloud based products to accelerate their ability to capitalize on the modern digital economy.” A key deciding factor for the start-up is to help lead the technology transformation shift the province needs. “In this global era, if we don’t create the capabilities locally, the opportunities and investment will go to other regions, then, Alberta is no further ahead.”

About Solesto

Solesto Solutions is a technology strategy and implementation firm focused on cloud and digital transformation. Find out more about Solesto and their mission to create exponential value for customers and talent at Join the discussion on the digital and cloud transformation on Twitter (@SolestoCloud). Follow Solesto on LinkedIn for upcoming career opportunities.

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